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García Rojas, Miguel Arcángel 


These are some activities that can be used at elementary level and above. The aim is to help students express themselves and communicate with each other in English principally through talking, but also through writing.
The variety of communicative activities suggested here can be a good starting point for users to store a big collection of them, whether invented or adapted.
The teacher’s job is to give the necessary instructions and examples, and them just to observe until the activity is finished. At the end the teacher can comment, make corrections, etc, but normally s/he should not interrupt the students unless they’re confused, Finally, users are invited to think that in order to succeed in achieving a purposeful communicative activity, functional communicative use of the foreign language is preferable to grammatical correctness expressed in very few utterances.
When we were children, we all used to spray games, enjoy the fun of them and make others enjoy them too. As we used to have a good time playing them, we also used to learn something new.



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