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Sichacá Barahona, Jesús Salvador


Sometimes practice in writing sentences may seem tedious and rather artificial. After all, people rarely write pieces of communication that consist of a single sentence! But the method may not seem so strange if you have had the opportunity to learn a skill already. Do you play a musical instrument, participate regularly in a sport, sew frequently, fix car engines? Would you give the learner a number of difficult pieces and have him practice them all at once? Probably not. Most likely, you´d teach the person basic, easy-to-learn skills and concepts and have him practice these first. Anyone who has taken guitar, piano, flute, or trumpet lessons remembers the scales. Practice in writing sentences, then, is a way of becoming fluent at handling the basic units that are necessary for any piece of writing. The first step in becoming a skilled writer is to learn to writer good sentences (Hart, Kathleen A. and Heim Alice C)



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